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  • Vermeerbergen - Wilms 2
    In this fantastic auction, we offer 2 pigeons with topresults and the best family in first and second generation of the ‘Wonder Couple’, based on the fabulous BE07-777 ‘Pitbull’ lines from Karel Laenen, ‘Grizzly Breed Wonder’ x ‘Blue Wonder Mother’
    Eindtijd: 2020-07-04 15:30:00      Aantal:4
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  • Dirk Vervoort
    Dirk Vervoort is racing pigeons since his age of 12, first together with is father, since 1988 under his own name. Dirk is the cousin of the worldfamous Flor Vervoort, Hallaar, probably the best Belgian racer ever with hens, and breeder of the legend…
    Eindtijd: 2020-07-04 16:00:00      Aantal:6
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  • German Stars

    Eindtijd: 2020-07-04 16:30:00      Aantal:6
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  • Dirk Van den Bulck Originals
    2018, Dirk Van Den Bulck had again a fantastic racing season. He won 6. National Ace Pigeon SD Youngsters, 7. National Champion SD Youngsters KBDB, 2. Ace Pigeon Youngsters ‘Tienverbond’, 3. Ace Pigeon Youngsters ‘Tienverbond’, 4. Ace Pigeon Youngste…
    Eindtijd: 2020-07-05 15:30:00      Aantal:5
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  • Leo-Xuan Selection
    Leo Heremans is a legend in international pigeon racing. His National winners and Olympic champions are known all over the world. Without doubt we can say that no other breed has had such a great influence on the international world of pigeon racing.…
    Eindtijd: 2020-07-05 16:00:00      Aantal:6
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  • Prestige Selection
    The Prestige Project is a unique new concept by Pigeon Trading from The Netherlands. It offers fanciers the opportunity to breed youngsters from exceptional pigeons. Fanciers from all over the world are now able to select the most exclusive quality p…
    Eindtijd: 2020-07-05 16:30:00      Aantal:6
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