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SG Mack Racing Pigeons - Breed the Speed


3 generations pigeon breeders form SG Mack Racing Pigeons Manfred 71 years (Pensioner), Gerald 46 years (sales directors) and Alexander 20 years (student) from Windischeschenbach/Northern part of Bavaria.


Pigeon sport is the passion in the Mack Family and they tries to operate this passion on highest possible level. About 4 years ago they seized the resolution to form a Racing Pigeon colony, which is difficult to find a second time in Germany. Only into the best of the best was invested, always under the focus that the new introductions will increase the ability of SG Mack Racing Pigeons. Own success is the measure of all things, only if you are successful with the offspring of your Breeders you can do statements about the heredity of your Breeding Loft.

We want to breed the modern Racing pigeon and we want to win Races, we do not have to live from the Racing pigeon sport, so that we do not have to give pigeons away, just for selling purpose. If we deliver pigeons, then they must correspond to our requirements and conceptions at least, otherwise they do not help the new owner. We want that the fanciers will have success with our pigeons - this is the highest Premise of SG Mack Racing Pigeons.

A grandson of the Stock Bird VOLARE 1.Astaube in the Province - its children fly to date 8 x 1.Konkurs – was participant in the Sport class at the Olympiad 2011 in Poznan, is witness of the pigeons delivered by the quality and the premise.

More than approx. 50 national winners, Olympiad participant, Provincional Winners, their brothers and sisters or children do populate the breeding loft in Windischeschenbach, so e.g. Blue Sensation - 1.Astaube Zuid Holland Middle Distance 2006 - Zwarte Witpen Peter - father of 8 x 1.Prize Winners and 8 brothers and sisters and children of Torero - 1.Astaube Middle Distance WHZB 2004 all together from Nico van Noordenne - 1.Nationaler Champion Middle Distance 2010 of the Netherlands. The Duke -  5 x 1.Prize and 1.Asbird KBDB 2002 (bought via Pipa) and absolute Topbreeder - Father Air Jordan  2 x 2.Astaube of the Province. Further 15 Org. Birds from Godfather of Pigeons Gerard Koopman, like e.g. daughter Mighty Man, Brother Miss Wonderful etc. new for the breeding season 2011 are 15 Org. Birds from Benny Steveninck – e.g. daughter Chipo, son & Daughter Crack, son Zanini, son Chihaut 100, sister & Son Gueret etc.

Momentary Superstar on the breeding loft is NL. - 04 Last Samurai , probably at present, because of his breeding value, one of the best sons of the legendary Den Dromer of De Rauw/Sablon, who is now with Gerard Koopman. Mother of Last Samurai is Yi Min - full sister Kleine Dirk - thus is Last Samurai also a half brother to Amore probably one of the best breeding hens, who Gerard Koopman ever had.

Not less than 6 x 1.Prize Winners were bred from Last Samurai until now, 4 different hens were coupled to achieve this 6 winners which reflects the extraordinary breeding power of this superbird.



K1 B09-4189842 
’Golden Chipo’
0 €


K2 NL08-2021257 
’Sweet Life’
0 €


K3 DV01697-12-2270 
0 €


K4 DV07367-14-504 
’Inbred Isco’
0 €


K5 DV01697-12-2138 
’Super Chipo’
0 €


K6 DV01697-12-2120 
’Curly Sue’
0 €


K7 DV01697-14-1087 
0 €


K8 DV01697-14-968 
0 €


K9 DV01697-15-1492 
’Sister 509’
0 €


K10 KWT-14-727740 
’Golden Bleu’
0 €


K11 DV07367-12-75 
0 €


K12 KWT12-727099 
’New Hari’
0 €


K13 KWT14-72738 
‘Desert Storm’
0 €


K14 DV01697-08-75 
’Sweet Kannibaal’
0 €


K15 DV07367-12-179 
’Lady Kannibaal’
0 €


K16 DV07367-12-175 
’Last Kannibaal’
0 €


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