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Peter Schmitz, Echt

The ‘KAASBOER’ collection


Peter Schmitz from Echt can be named as one of the biggest ‘KAASBOER’ collectors in Europe. During the years he became a very close friend with Gaston Van De Wouwer from Berlaar and purchased many pigeons out of the old ‘Kaasboer’ lines at Gaston Van De Wouwer. During his search for the same lines, but crossed with some other bloodlines, he found the super ‘Kaasboer’ lines at the loft of Johan De Belser, Berlaar. The quality of these pigeons, based on the superbreeders ‘Oskar’ and his sons ‘500’ and ‘Goldwin’, crossed with Gaston-lines became the 2nd successful breeding line for Peter Schmitz.

Further, he went to Jos & Jules Engels in Putte where he got a super brother of the famous ‘LIMOGES’ and some fantastic grandchildren of basic breeders BE94-178, ‘Argenton’ and ‘As’.

At Jef Keirsmakers, Nijlen, the breeder of Bart Geerinckx foundation hen ‘Willyke’, he also got from the best foundation breeders of his loft.

The total super ‘KAASBOER’ collection of Peter Schmitz, together with a batch of beautiful youngsters from these super breeders will be now on auction!

K1 B11-6117570 
‘Grandson Ronaldo’
0 €


K2 B11-6117401 
‘Granddaughter Ronaldo’
0 €


K3 B16-6023081 
‘Grandson Marieke’
0 €


K4 B16-6023077 
‘Triple Kaasboer’
0 €


K5 B11-6117581 
‘Asduifke Goovaerts’
0 €


K6 B11-6333903 
‘Ronaldo’s Best’
0 €


K7 B10-6347754 
‘Kaasboer 754’
0 €


K8 B11-6333910 
‘Gaston 910’
0 €


K9 B10-6347752 
‘Inbreed Kaasboer’
0 €


K10 B10-6343525 
‘Kaasboer Best’
0 €


K11 NL17-1458573 
‘Kaasboerin 573’
0 €


K12 NL17-1458532 
‘Kaasboer Orleans’
0 €


K13 NL17-1458615 
‘Kaasboer Laura’
0 €


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