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Andreas Drapa


Andreas Drapa is probably the most successful pigeon fancier in Western Europe since the turn of the century. He came up with the pairing König x Königin at the end of last century, and this combination had a significant impact both on his own pigeon breed and on pigeon lofts across the world.


The fact that famous fanciers from abroad have reinforced their breeds with pigeons of Drapa illustrates that this great champion has an excellent reputation. A collection of his young birds will be auctioned especially for EPW, including descendants of his famous champions Champ, Pokerface, Messi and Rihanna. A number of top class racing pigeons will be sold as well. This top quality auction will likely draw the attention of many fanciers looking for high quality pigeons.

K1 DV01769-17-102 
‘Mona Lisa Pokerface’
0 €


K2 DV01769-17-586 
‘Cleo Sky Fighter’
0 €


K3 DV01769-17-589 
‘Die Super Nationale’
0 €


K4 DV01769-17-839 
‘Blitz Ass’
0 €


K5 DV01769-17-864 
‘Nationale Miss World’
0 €


K6 DV01769-17-1101 
‘Pokerface Sylvester’
0 €


K7 DV01769-17-1108 
‘Best of Bart 08’
0 €


K8 DV01769-17-1133 
‘Beauty Pokerface’
0 €


K9 DV01769-17-1149 
‘Wittekop Sylvester Drapa’
0 €


K10 DV01769-17-1194 
‘Geerinckx’ Best Sylvester’
0 €


K11 DV01769-17-1235 
‘Argento Sylvester’
0 €


K12 DV01769-17-1411 
‘Sylvester Argento 411’
0 €


K13 DV01769-17-1412 
‘Sylvester Argento 412’
0 €


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