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【Geerinckx Strain】

The Geerinckx pigeons are super class racing birds. They showed their strength once again in a sun drenched race from Brive. The Geerinckx breed proved almost impossible to beat, as they went on to claim a double provincial victory yearlings. This is yet another impressive feat on the palmares of Bart Geerinckx.


Bart Geerinckx showing his New Freddy, the sire of the 2nd Prov. Brive (behind a loft mate)

The noble Geerinckx breed was carefully put together by his father Luc, and Bart is now achieving impressive results with this pigeon family, which consists of several Olympiad Pigeons, national first prize winners and national ace pigeons. This is a world class pigeon breed with an extensive palmares, both in their home loft and for many other fanciers worldwide.

Last weekend they put in another brilliant performance: they claimed a double provincial victory in the national long distance classic from Brive.

Brive Prov.  611 YLs: 1-2-6-28-51 (5/8)

Nat. 5,929 YLs: 33-42-149-479-772 (5/8)

Brive Prov.  548 olds: 19-24-127-139 (4/5)

Nat 5,952 olds: 223-279-1350-1444 (4/5)


K1 B15-6292082 
‘Grandson Gladiator’
0 €


K2 B15-6292086 
‘Grandson Gladiator’
0 €


K3 B15-6292109 
‘Grandson Gladiator’
0 €


K4 B15-6292092 
‘Grandson Rapido I’
0 €


K5 B15-6292083 
‘Lion Glamour’
0 €


K6 B15-6292087 
‘Magnificent Wouters’
0 €


K7 B15-6292093 
‘Geschifte Leeuw’
0 €


K8 B15-6292096 
‘Geschifte Willy’
0 €


K9 B15-6292105 
‘Fluwelen Dikke’
0 €


K10 B15-6292106 
‘Dikke Fluwelen’
0 €


K11 B15-6292111  
‘Argento Bobby’
0 €


K12 B15-6292112 
‘Last Limo Bobby’
0 €


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