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Total auction of all breeders and racers!


Hannappel - Ries is a successful combination from Hadamar, a small town in Germany. In their district they became 3 times Overall Champion and also at the Olympiad in Nitra 2013 their ‘Olympic 085’ showed excellent results. In the past this combination was also winner of the Gouden Duif Superstar of the Year, Long Distance Germany.


Base breeder at the loft of Hannappel-Ries is ‘ADAM’, direct son to ‘WONDER VAN WENUM’, a fabulous cock by Gerritsen / Van Looyengoed from Wenum-Wiesel, The Netherlands.

‘WONDER VAN WENUM’ is winner of:

1. Houdeng 10.229 p.   |  1. St. Ghislain 10.056 p.

1. Houdeng 5.087 p.  |  1. St. Ghislain 5.038 p.

This excellent breeding cock is father to DV01-127 ‘SON ADAM 127’ and DV01-137 ‘SON ADAM 137’. ‘SON ADAM 137’ is the father to 1. Acebird Regional Verband 2005 and 1. Acebird Regional Verband 2007!

The other foundation cock at the loft of Hannappel – Ries is DV00-0209 ‘Super Breeder 131’. His mother is a fantastic inbreed to the world famous NL65-131 ‘De 131’ by Jan de Weert. ‘De 131’ was a 100% Jan Aarden hen and is the foundation of the world famous ‘Zwarte Moordenaar’ of Marcel Braakhuis. She was the foundation of many renowned long distance lofts in Dutch pigeon history!

The last couple of years the combination obtained the best bloodlines of the noble pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele and Dirk van Dyck via Peter Trost. With direct (grand)children to RUDY, BLIKSEM, WITTENBUIK and DI CAPRIO their strain of pigeons got a new impulse. Quality over quantity! Now, in 2018, the combination decided to say goodbye to the world of pigeon racing. Via European Pigeon Website their total collection of breeders and racers will be auctioned. An opportunity to strengthen your loft!


K1 DV02736-15-4283 
‘Golden Harry’
0 €


K2 DV02736-13-2300 
‘Super 300’
0 €


K3 B11-6202730 
‘Son Francochamps’
0 €


K4 DV02736-13-2317 
‘Sun City Star’
0 €


K5 DV02736-17-400 
‘Brother Super 300’
0 €


K6 DV02736-13-2399 
‘Halfsister Super 300’
0 €


K7 DV02736-14-3172 
‘Son Ace 232’
0 €


K8 DV02736-17-380 
‘Adam Di Caprio’
0 €


K9 DV02736-10-1996 
‘Neil Diamond’
0 €


K10 DV02736-17-259 
‘Royal Adam’
0 €


K11 DV02736-17-274 
‘Granddaughter 137’
0 €


K12 DV02736-07-424 
‘Grandson Adam’
0 €


K13 DV02736-14-3114 
‘Bliksem Adam’
0 €


K14 DV02736-11-306 
‘Inbreed Foundation Cock 137’
0 €


K15 DV02736-13-2301 
‘Inbreed 137’
0 €


K16 DV02736-16-170 
‘Daughter Engels 36’
0 €


K17 DV02736-12-162 
‘Hurrican Harry’
0 €


K18 DV02736-17-271 
‘Hurrican 36’
0 €


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