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EPW Breeding Loft-Gaby Vandenabeele Strain


No one in the whole of Belgium had such a fantastic season in oneday long distance racing as Gaby Vandenabeele. This 53 years old accountant / book-keeper is ruling on races from 300 up until 800 kilometres week in week out.
In de province of Western Flandres the fastest fifteen birds are published on Teletext and almost every week Gaby Vandenabeele was amongst these quotations. Sometimes even with three birds!!
Racing only a hand full of birds, this achievement is by far not easy, but for Gaby it became almost an insurance, because his strain of birds proved to be the absolute top from the early eighties on.
Introducing Gaby therefor is like forcing an open door; fanciers who do not know his name are very hard to find. His strain also brought great successes to other fanciers, and made them champions all over the globe.

From 1988 on, he won 62 provincial races, on National level his results were a/o:
- 1988: 1st National Bourges against 13,154 birds;
- 1995: 1st National Limoges against 8,883 birds;
- 1995: 1st National Brive against 3,970 birds, and
- in 2002 he again won National Bourges. His ‘James Bond’ (NL01-3031007) left behind 13,166 yearlings.

K1 NL17-1528310 
‘Double Rudy’
0 €


K2 NL17-1528365 
‘Rudy New Bliksem’
0 €


K3 NL17-1528338 
‘Rudy Super As’
0 €


K4 NL17-1528133 
‘Returned Rudy’
0 €


K5 NL17-1528134 
‘Rudy Returned’
0 €


K6 NL17-1528327 
‘Bliksem Rudy’
0 €


K7 NL17-1848802 
‘Benji Rudy’
0 €


K8 NL17-1848534 
‘Amadeo Bliksem’
0 €


K9 NL17-1848543 
‘Kapoen Bliksem’
0 €


K10 NL17-1848526 
‘Magic Super As’
0 €


K11 NL17-1848535 
‘Bliksem Fideel’
0 €


K12 NL15-1892802 
‘Patron Nasdaq’
0 €


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