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Yves Van De Poel, Geetbets

Yves Van De Poel was well-known as a super long distance racer at the beginning of the 90’s, together with his partner Mr. Buckley.

After the combination stopped, Yves made the decision to make an investment on the super breeding lines of Gaston Van De Wouwer and Leo Heremans.

At Gaston Van De Wouwer he purchased his BE08-6369093 ‘Kaasboer – Express’, a direct son to the fabulous BE98-690 ‘KAASBOER’. This cock immediately showed to be the new foundation cock for Yves’ middle distance loft.

In this auction, we offer 5 direct children of this super breeder ‘Kaasboer-Express’. 4 children of ‘Kaasboer-Express’ and ‘Kimmy’, full sister to ‘KIM’, winner of 1. Gueret National against 14.245 pigeons and 1 child of ‘Kaasboer-Express’ and ‘Laurenza’, full sister to ‘LAURA’, winner of 1. Bourges National against 17061 pigeons.


L:Yves van De Poe          R:Kurt Augustin

SG kurt Augustin

The head of the loft-team is Kurt Augustin. He was born 1958 and he races pigeons since 1987. He works as head of a department in a firm that makes model cars called HERPA.

They have started with offsprings of birds from Hartogs, Janssen and Leen Boers. Because of the success that they had with this pigeons, the couple bought some originals from Theo Hartogs and later also from Leen Boers. Leen Boers is a close friend of their family. Every year he gave Augustin babys from his best breeders and he selected them strictly. So the basic of Augustin stock has been the Leen Boers pigeons. In the loft you can found descendants of Mirage 32, Apache, Ferrari, Sprinter, Stier 524, Ballon, Bourges, Intercity, a.s.o. - a family that is raised out of 1st prize-winners.

Kurt Augustin have tested pigeons out of some various lofts. The most of them selected after some years. But Augustin had good results with Schellens-pigeons out of the National 1 and the pigeons from Andre Bellens. They harmonize excellently.

K1 B17-2153181 
‘Kimmy Kaasboer’
0 €


K2 B17-2153182 
‘Kaasboer Kimmy’
0 €


K3 B17-2153183 
‘Kaasboer Laura’
0 €


K4 B17-2155582 
‘Kaasboer Kim 582’
0 €


K5 B17-2155583 
‘Kaasboer Kim 583’
0 €


K6 DV05837-17-628 
‘Kaasboer Special’
0 €


K7 DV05837-17-732 
‘Granddaughter Mirthe’
0 €


K8 DV05837-17-733 
‘Inbreed Mirthe’
0 €


K9 DV05837-17-738 
‘Golden Kaasboer’
0 €


K10 DV05837-17-739 
‘Barba Cheese’
0 €


K11 DV05837-17-740 
‘Special Kaasboer’
0 €


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