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The Diamond collection, only the very best is good enough…

Arie Bustraan, living in Heinkenszand, a very touristic area near the coast of Zeeland started to create his Diamond Collection in 2014. As being a commercial director in different big companies, his idea was that success in pigeonsport can only be assured with the very best pigeons, the super pedigrees and winning families.


He started his search for the very best at PEC where he purchased, out of the top of actual Belgian PIgeonsport, 2 direct children of icon ‘WACKO FREDDY’. Most famous children of this ‘Wacko Freddy” are ‘Porsche 911’ and ‘Boxster’, which became super racers and breeders for Geerinckx, Pascal Ariën, and many many more.


At the same time, PEC, advised Arie to invest in the super pigeons of Bart Geerinckx, Jan Hooymans, Albert Derwa and last but not least, Gaston Van De Wouwer. Arie only had the opportunity to race in 2017 from his place. With big success, but also his satellite lofts as Gebr. Dekker, Terneuzen and his partnerloft in Poland were very successful with offspring from Arie’s loft.

Children and grandchildren of all their best ones will be offered in this clearance sale. A super mix auction between original pedigrees, own bred youngsters and also proven racers out of the super original pigeons.

Arie offers the young racing team 2017, which only had maxuimum 5 races, and also super selection of originals in an auction with a lot of highlights and opportunities to reinforce your loft!


K40 B13-6143711 
‘Miss Blobby’
0 €


K41 NL17-1320039 
‘Lady Blois’
0 €


K42 NL13-1962869 
‘Donker Leeuw’
0 €


K43 B16-6033845 
‘Sweety Gladiator’
0 €


K44 B15-6020380 
‘Black Pearl Fantasy’
0 €


K45 GB13-P04572 
‘National Miss Magic’
0 €


K46 B16-6275092 
‘Sylvester Gladiator’
0 €


K47 B15-6235461 
‘Glamour Sylvester’
0 €


K48 GB14-P33958 
‘Gladiator Man Jr.’
0 €


K49 RO15-444917 
‘New Freddy Geerinckx Hen’
0 €


K50 NL16-1586181 
‘Leeuw New Freddy’
0 €


K51 NL17-1319969 
‘New Tarzan’
0 €


K52 NL17-1854309 
‘Golden Geerinckx Special’
0 €


K53 NL17-1320120 
‘Geerinckx Special Gold’
0 €


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