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Part 1

The loft of Michel Vandoninck, was managed many years by father Jan.

Jan was the breeder and racer of many superstars and well known in the Antwerp Pigeon scene.


The foundation of the loft was started in 1997 by the BE97-742 ‘Blauwen Eyck’. A real superstar, born out of the fantastic pigeons of Louis Eyckmans, Bergom.

This ‘Blauwen Eyck’ won 1. Limoges National 25803 p and became the absolute foundation cock of the actual colony of Jan Vandoninck.

Another superstar born in out of this family was BE06-6287779 ‘Jongen Eyck’, which can be named as one of the actual topbreeders on the loft. This ‘Jongen Eyck’ was winner of 2 provincial races in the Antwerp Area. He won 1. Heidelberg Provincial against 4224 p and 1. Souillac Provincial against 828 p, 3. National against 7315 p.

In this total auction, Jan is leaving the sport, you can find all superstars of the 3rd generation of the ‘Blauwen Eyck’ dynasty.

‘Golden 31’ (K 1), winner of

18. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB Yearlings

1. Ace Pigeon All Round Molse Fondclub 2018

2. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings Molse Fondclub 2018

2. Brive National Z  744 p (714 km)

5. Jarnac Provincial  376 p (714 km)

7. Jarnac National Z  1246 p

‘Kleinen Eyck’ (K 55), winner of

2. National Best Bourges Pigeon over 2 races

14. Bourges National  19889 p (491 km)

25. Vierzon I. Provinc  8177 p (487 km)

83. Bourges National  10173 p

10. Bourges National Z  6756 p

18. Bourges National Z  3024 p

In this auction, you can find all descendants of this fantastic bloodline of provincial winners, National Champions and National Ace pigeons for more than 20 years on the highest level in pigeon sport!



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