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Total Auction - Part 4


In Oostende, the northwest of Belgium at the Belgian coast,  Gaston Dewulf found his colony back in the days. With a great passion for the long-distance races. Gaston raced only old pigeons. Youngsters went just for training up too 200 km. To fulfill a decent program as a yearling, to be tested and basketted as a 2-year old on more than 600 km races. A strategy many long distance fanciers are using.
The base of his colony are pigeons of the lately Roger Florizoone, Gaston & Danny Devooght, and Noel Lippens.
Base pair for his modern racing team were a Roger Florizoone Cock , ‘Florizoone 501 ‘with a Dam of Noel Lippens, ‘Lippens 375’ pairing was gold and gave ‘Super Sproete’, he is father to
Double Roger, who won 7. National Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB 2016
His built his basis furthert with a granddaughter of Manu ( 1.NAT ACE PIGEON KBDB 1998 at Gaston & Danny Devooght, named Mother Barcelona 1.
Of these golden pigeons he bred pigeons as
- Barcelona 1; BE06-3031167; winner of
5 times Barcelona
96. National Barcelona 2009 13.503p (1095 KM)
110. National Barcelona 2011 12.170p

- Pau Sproete -  BE12-3124542 ;winner of
2. Provincial Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB West-Vlaanderen 2017
4. Best Pau pigeon 2017-2018 PIPA Ranking
4. Nat Pau 2018
70. Nat Pau 2017

- Mr Triple – BE11-3167154 ; winner of  
5.Nat. Pau 1.661 p (910KM)
165. Nat. Perpignan 4.191 p (955KM)
180.Nat. St Vincent 2.562 p (895KM)
4. Provincial Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB 2016
16. National Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB 2016

-  Double Roger’ - BE13-3123658; winner of
7.National Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB 2016
1. Provincial Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB 2016
16. National Agen 2016 3.048 p (798 KM)
54. National Perpignan 2016 4.191 p (955 KM)
86. National St.Vincent 2017 3.053 p (895 KM)

In 2016 he got his best season ever with the reward of becoming
1° Champion Inter West-Vlaamse Extreme Long Distance
1° Provincial Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB 2016
4° Provincial Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB 2016
7° National Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB 2016
13° National Champion ELD KBDB 2016
14° National Champion Long Distance KBDB 2016

The last 2 years were very hard to race pigeons for Gaston, since his health decreased very fast and it became for him more difficult to do his very best to give it all. Last spring Gaston made to the decision to quit pigeon racing and sell all his pigeons.

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