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Maxi results with a mini colony

Dirk Vervoort is racing pigeons since his age of 12, first together with is father, since 1988 under his own name. Dirk is the cousin of the worldfamous Flor Vervoort, Hallaar, probably the best Belgian racer ever with hens, and breeder of the legendary ‘Fieneke 5000’. The colony of Dirk is also based on the fabulous bloodlines of Flor Vervoort, during the last few years crossed with the best of Gaston Van De Wouwer, Patrick Vervloesen, Willy Daniels, Walter Roziers and Vanoppen-Luyten. Dirk is specialized in the races between 100 and 800 km and won in the last few years 6 Provincial victories in the Provincie of Antwerp and 2 National Zone victories. And all this with only a small team of 25 old birds and 50 youngsters!

Also 2019 was again very successful with quiet some first prices and the following championships.

2. Loft Champion Youngsters GMD 2019 ‘Heist Goor’

2. Loft Champion Youngsters MD 2019 ‘Bruggeneinde’

4. General Loft Champion SD – MD – GMD 2019 ‘Heist Goor’

4. General Loft Champion GMD 2019 ‘Heist-Goor’

4. Loft Champion MD 2019 ‘Heist-Goor’

In this auction, EPW offers a very well selected group of 2018 late breds, from all the best breeders, based on the tremendous liens of Flor Vervoort and Gaston Van De Wouwer.


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