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Siebren Wierstra, Twijzelerheide (NL) - Part 1

Total auction of all racers and breeders

Siebren Wierstra from Twijzelerheide started his career in pigeon racing with the super pigeons from the famous ‘Fameuze 019 line’ from the Janssen Brothers, Arendonk (BE). Another basic breeder was a daughter of ‘National King’ x ‘Natascha’ by Wil Brouwers (Brouwers-Kodama). The world famous ‘National King’ won 1. Nat. Bordeaux and 1. Nat. Munich. That was never seen before! One of the best descendants is ‘Epke II’, gr.grandson to ‘National King’ and (gr.)father to 1. against 1226 pigeons, 1. against 1493 pigeons, etc.

More recent he added pigeons from the best lines of Jan Hooymans and Rik Hermans to his strain. In this auction you will some unique collector’s items, i.e. ‘Unique Friendship’ (K1) and ‘Special Friendship’ (K54), both full brothers to BE14-777 ‘Friendship’ by Rik Hermans, the winner of 1. Nat. Chateauroux against 27.710 pigeons (1. Fastest against 44.314 pigeons). ‘Unique Friendship’ (K1) and ‘Special Friendship’ (K54) are also half-brothers to the new superstar of Rik Hermans BE19-303 ‘Friendly’, winner of: 2. National Ace Pigeon GMD Youngsters KBDB 2019.Father of ‘Unique Friendship’ and ‘Special Friendship’ is direct son to the world famous ‘Harry’ by Jan Hooymans, mother to these pigeons is the superb breeding hen BE12-841 ‘Daughter Olympic Niels’ by Dirk van Dyck.

Another superb breeding hen is ‘Scheeltje 597’ (K6). This original Rik Hermans pigeon is mother to 5. NPO against 4.323 pigeons, 10. NPO against 8.716 pigeons, etc. She is full sister to BE11-606 ‘Big Time’, top breeder at the loft of Luc Sioen. Many direct children to this pigeon are in this total auction.

Siebren also invested in the pigeons from Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude) and Rolf & Ruud Bakker (Veenendaal). In this auction you will find i.e. NL16-073 ‘Prins Panamera’ (K14), direct son to NL10-551 ‘Panamera’, the winner of 1. Nat. Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel 2012-2013. But also ‘Dominator’ (K40), direct son to super racer ‘Okidoki’ by Arie Dijkstra will be one of the collector’s items in this total auction!


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