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The Vandenabeele pigeons are guaranteed to bring prize winners all across the world, and they have done so over the past 30 years. This breed has played a significant role in the world of pigeon racing. From Belgium to China and from The Netherlands to Taiwan... all over the world these pigeons show to be true winners. They have been particularly successful at their home loft in Dentergem, with Gaby Vandenabeele having won many important victories at the highest level.

A world famous strain of successful pigeons

His impressive palmares, which includes 7 National first prizes and 97 Provincial first prizes, clearly illustrates his dominant game. It is ‘Rudy’, the top class son of breeding icon ‘Bliksem’, who is the key to success. ‘Rudy’ continues the dynasty of ‘Kleinen’, his son ‘Wittenbuik’ and his grandson ‘Bliksem’.  The previous seasons brought many highlights, with ‘Rudy’s’ descendants ‘Super Romeo’ becoming 1. Nat. Acepigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2013 and ‘New Bliksem’ winning 1. Nat. Tulle against 5.731 yearlings in 2014.


A selection of National victories:

1. National Bourges 13.154 olds 1988 | 1. National Limoges 8.883 olds 1995

1. National Brive 4.719 olds 1995 | 1. National Brive 3.970 2yr 1995

1. National Bourges 13.166 yearlings 2002 | 1. National Argenton 7.358 olds 2010

1. National Tulle 5,731 yearlings 2014

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