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Vermeerbergen - Wilms - Mostmans

- National Stars on races from 100 - 650 km. -

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The successful formation, Luc Vermeerbergen – Robby Wilms and Kris Mostmans are very well known all over the world. Tremendous results on the races from 100 – 650 km made them famous. The lofts for the Middle to Long Distance races are managed by Luc Vermeerbergen and Robby Wilms, and are based in Mol. They are specialized in the National Races with Young birds, and very successful. For the Short Distance races, they made a combination with the renowned Short Distance champion Kris Mostmans from Rijkevorsel.


From the beginning they built a fantastic family and one of the highlights in their career was winning the 2. National Ace Pigeon SD KBDB with BE15-218 ‘Grizzly Ace Wonder’, winner of 11x 1st price. In their search for better, they found the perfect crossings in ‘Kittel’ bloodlines from Dirk Van Den Bulck and ‘Kanon’ bloodlines from Danny Van Dyck.

In this fantastic auction, we offer 2 pigeons with topresults and the best family in first and second generation of the ‘Wonder Couple’, based on the fabulous BE07-777 ‘Pitbull’ lines from Karel Laenen, ‘Grizzly Breed Wonder’ x ‘Blue Wonder Mother’

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