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Hok Jos Vercammen, Vremde

Elektro – Mustang family rules all over the world

Hok Jos Vercammen, Vremde were also in 2019 outstanding on the National races between 450 and 700 km, with a lot of National top results.

The base of these remarkable results is off course the absolute foundation cock of the loft, BE86-506 ‘Panter’, now, almost 35 years later, still the absolute base of this worldfamous loft.

In the late millies, Jos & Lars made a fantastic investment at the loft of Marcel Wouters, Westmalle, with several children of his superstars ‘De Leeuw’ and ‘Extreem’. One of these investments was BE08-6174630 ‘Elektro’, a fantastic son of ‘Extreem’. He became the absolute Godfather of the actual colony of Jos & Lars, with impressive results, not only on their loft, but also worldwide and especially in China on the one loft races.

In 2014, Jos & Lars won the 1. And 2. National on a very hard Chateauroux National against 33.018 competitors. Despite very big offers, Jos & Lars decided not to sell these champions and BE14-6175237 ‘Mustang’ became a real topbreeder and a new foundation breeder for their loft. ‘Mustang’ is a grandson of superstar ‘Elektro’ !

Descendants of ‘Mustang’ are winners a.o. 1. Argenton National Z 3.961 p,  1. Issoudun Procincial 3.547 p, 1. Chateauroux National Z 1.563 p, 2. Issoudun National 19.713 p, 2. Chateauroux National 4.641 p, 3. Chateauroux National 17.281 p, 3. Argenton National 13.730 p, 5. National Brive Z 2.640 p, 8. Jarnac National Z 1.243 p and many many more.

In this very selective auction, EPW offers direct children of the 2 Godfathers ‘Elektro’ and ‘Mustang’, together with some super selected pigeons from their breeding loft !

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