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SG Kurt Augustin- Gaston Van De Wouwer

Kurt Augustin was born in 1958 and is an active pigeon fancier since 1987.He is living central in Germany and there they race pigeons from west to east.He is part of the club RV Frankenhöhe/Uffenheim.Back in the days he started with pigeons of Hartogs, Janssen and Leen Boers.


Nowadays Kurt Augustin is very succesfull with Danny Van Dyck and Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeons.

The first time Kurt got in touch with Van De Wouwer birds was already in 2007. He started with 10 young birds directly Gaston Van De Wouwer, they raced very well and are all offspring of the famous ‘ Kaasboer’. The Gaston Van De Wouwer birds crossed very well with my own strain. This combination resulted into the following results;

DV05837-08-111W (father Brother Olympia 232, own strain. Mother is a grandchild of Kaasboer (Van De Wouwer)

In 2010 she was 2nd Acehen RGV

and won:

1e - 3230 pigeons - 436 km

1e - 2167 pigeons - 558 km

1e - 1491 pigeons - 304 km

DV05837-09-1003W is best Yearling RV 2010 . Both father and mother are grandchildren of ‘Kaasboer’.

DV05837-09-1074W  is “3rd Best Yearling RV 2010” – mother is a grandchild of  ‘Kaasboer’


Up till today Kurt Augustin is really succesfull with Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeons. Gr.grandchildren of Kaasboer are racing steady on the sprint and middle distance. With results as: Best RGV pigeon Youngsters, Best RGV pigeon ,Best RGV Yearling, 2. Best RGV Hen, and many more.

The legacy of ‘Kaasboer’ is infinite. Kurt Augustin succeeded for more than 10 years with these offspring and has treasured this precious legacy very well.

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