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Andreas Drapa, Königsbachstein -1

A monument in pigeon racing

Auction of the Youngbird Ace Team

Andreas Drapa, a real monument in pigeon racing, worldwide known for his fabulous couple ‘König x Königin’, his tremendous racers as ‘Pokerface’, ‘Sky Fighter’, ‘Cassandra’ and the new generation stars as ‘Bolt’, Zabeel Saray’ and many many more.

Andreas Drapa.jpg

The last few years, Andreas attended more and more into the youngbird races in Germany. Only 4 races in 4 weeks against tough competition in his area. Herefore, he introduced during the last few years the super Dirk Van Den Bulck pigeons via Flanders Collection. Children of ‘Kittel’, ‘Greipel’, ‘New Kittel’ came to his breeding loft to be crossed with the old basic lines. Andreas was never so dominating in the youngbird races, even winning the 20 !! first Ace Pigeons in the Club !

In this fantastic auction, we offer the racing team of the youngsters, including a big part of the Ace pigeons, the perfect crossings.

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