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Leo Xuan, Vorselaar (BE) - Part 1

Total racing team, including descendants to children '030', 'Olympiade 003', 'De Jan', 'Bolt' and 'Olympic Sperwer'!


Leo Heremans is a legend in international pigeon racing. His National winners and Olympic champions are known all over the world. Without doubt we can say that no other breed has had such a great influence on the international world of pigeon racing. Many fanciers, whoever purchased pigeons in Vorselaar, had immediate success.

Leo Xuan: guardian of the legacy of Leo Heremans

In 2017 Leo Heremans decided that it was time to close the book and say goodbye to the world of pigeon racing forever. By signing a comprehensive contract, he sold all his pigeons to the Chinese fancier Leo Xuan and agreed that he will never again start racing pigeons. In 2018 Xuan decided to bring all pigeon in a very successful total auction on European Pigeon Website. With his new born youngsters, he made a fresh new start and began racing at the lofts he hired in Vorselaar. With immediate success! Leo Xuan became the guardian of the legacy of Leo Heremans.

The full racing team of Leo Xuan, sold in an exclusive auction
In 2020 Leo Xuan raced with the youngsters in Belgium National Race. The main results

32. National Ace Pigeon KBDB GMD Youngsters 2020

46. Best Belgian Youngster over 2 National Races

15082020 Chateauroux II 537km 20.789p.

95e(K27) - 566e (K1)

12092020 Chateauroux III 537km 15.322p.

56e(K1) - 79e(K14) - 89e(K41) - 237e(K48) - 305e(K6) - 365e(K27) - 543e(K4) - 630e(K34) - 959e(K19)

22082020 BourgesIII 489km 28.851p.

124e(K1) - 186e(K44)

Now, in the winter of 2020 the complete youngsters racing team of Leo Xuan will be for sale, exclusively on European Pigeon Website. In this auction you will find descendants to super racing cock ‘030’, ‘Bolt’, ‘Olympiade 003’, ‘De Jan’ and ‘Olympic Sperwer’. For fanciers world-wide this will be a unique opportunity to buy first prize winners and acebirds from the golden Heremans bloodlines!


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