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J.E. Van Tilbeurgh, Lepelstraat - 1

Top results with the old ‘Steenbergen’ long distance strain

In June 2020, Jac made one of the hardest decisions in his life and  decided to leave the pigeonsport.  His busy private life and his health condition made him make this tough decision. The last racing season was 2019, and it was tremendous for Jack. He didn’t compete many races, impossible with this small racing team, but over the last 30 years he can be named as one of the leading fanciers in his area, which is very well known for the long distance races! Also many fanciers succeeded with pigeons they obtained from Jack!


A lot of co-competitors from Jack are worldfamous. Jac was a very smart fancier and got his pigeons from his ‘neighbours’ Antoon & Lucie Van der Wegen – Steenbergen, Jan Ernest – Steenbergen, Martha Van Geel – Nieuw Vossemeer, Cees Cools – Nieuw Vossemeer, Mevr. Sprenkels, Lepelstraat ( Aarden pigeons) and Severijnen from Lepelstraat.

Jac was a personal friend of Antoon Van der Wegen. The  3 foundation hens from Van Tilbeurgh, are 3 fantastic original A & L Van der Wegen from the fabulous lines of ‘Marathon’, ‘Bren’, ‘Euro’, ‘Beer’, ‘Turbo’,….. These hens, Jack received them as a friendship gift from Antoon. Almost weekly, Jac visits Lucie, for a coffee ad a friendship talk. With these Van Der Wegen pigeons, Jac Van Tilbeurgh, could compete with the biggest champions in Brabant, among them Ko Van Dommelen.

The last few years, Jac invested in the best crossings, and made the perfect crossings of his old ‘Steenbergse’ strain of A & L Van Der Wegen and Jan Ernest with the very best of Jelle Jellema, Nijverdal and introduced the lines of ‘Orion’ and ‘Romee’.

In 2019, Jac won on the National Bordeaux’, the first nominated serie of 3 pigeons (first 3 nominated in the clock) and his last race was Barcelona National. 1 pigeon in the race and it was NL14-036 ‘De Bonte Barcelona’ who made Jac the happiest man on earth at that time by arriving on the Saturday evening 19.31 h, winning 168. National !

An enormous nice collection of the best Old Dutch long distance strains, very hard to find, will be total auctioned. A very small selected group, with a fantastic quality !

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