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Comb. Seinstra-Terpstra, Munein

Top Colony on the Sprint Races in Friesland

Comb. Seinstra-Terpstra can easily be named as one of the best Sprint colonies in the Northern Dutch Province ‘Friesland’ (850 members).


The colony is based on the fantastic breeding lines of BE04-653 ‘Super 53’ from the comb. Atema, Noordbergum. The further breeding lines in the loft are from Louis Van Loon, Leo Heremans, Comb. Mantel.

In 2019, the combination had an exceptional pigeon ‘Wonder Van Trynwald’. 20 races, 20 prize cards and many top results in the top 10 of the ‘Afdeling’. A fabulous pigeon which will be sold under K 1 in this small, but fantastic selected group, offered by the combination.

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