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Owner of a fantastic ‘HARRY’ Collection

Leon Dautzenberg of Kerkrade can be named as owner of a unique ‘Harry’ collection.

For several years he has a very good friendly contact with Jan Hooymans and every year, some pigeons form his best are moving to Kerkrade. Children of ‘Harry’, ‘Alexia’, ‘Cees’ and the actual topbreeders ‘New Harry’ and ‘Beauty Harry’ are at this moment top producers in Leon’s loft.

In 2015, Leon raced a fantastic hen, named ‘Leontien’. She won 3 times a ‘Teletext’ nomination on races between 450 and 550 km. Jan Hooymans noticed an went straight to Leon to buy this fantastic hen. Off course, Leon purchased some fantastic children of her, crossed with the very best of the lofts in Kerkdriel!

For this fantastic auction, EPW had the chance to select a fantastic group of 18 pigeons, out of the direct children of the fabulous ‘Harry’-bloodline.


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