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Marten Leegstra, Broeksterwoude (NL) - 1

Total auction of all breeders and racers


Marten Leegstra from Broeksterwoude owns a small but qualitative group of pigeons. During the racing season he only participates with a maximum of 17 pigeons in the races. His strain of pigeons is mainly built on the pigeons of Arie Dijkstra, Ype van Kammen and Pieter Veenstra. Basic breeder at the loft is NL09-044 ‘Son Gandalf’. This pigeon is original Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude) and was for Marten Leegstra already father to the winner of 1. Acebird One Day Long Distance CCG ‘Het Noorden’ 2013. Another basic breeder is NL09-1609337 ‘Olympiad 337’. This cock was winner of 1. Nat. Olympiad bird Standard Class Boedapest 2015 but is also father to NL18-688 ‘The Acebird’. This super racer (K15 in the auction) was winner of 12. Nat. Acebird ‘Allerbeste’ 2020! Also, the lines of ‘Mr. Branco’, original Pieter Veenstra and super breeder for Comb. van den Stouwe-Douna, performed very well. ‘Mr. Branco’ is (grand-)father to winners of: 1. Prov. Duffel – 28.819 birds, 1. St. Truiden – 9.083 birds, 1. Duffel – 4.435 birds, etc.

Unfortunately, Marten didn't find the motivation that is needed to race on the highest level. So, in 2020 Marten decided to sell all his pigeons (excl. 2 old pairs) in a total auction on EPW. All racers and breeders (incl. the National Acebird and his parents) will be for sale!


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