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Stefaan Lambrechts Collection

The 43-year-old Stefaan Lambrechts is a rising star in pigeon racing. Until 3 years ago he only participated in the Short Distance races. The results were impressive. Many fanciers already called him ‘the New Leo Heremans’. A star was born. It was only a matter of time before several top fanciers from Holland and Belgium came to buy pigeons. Willem de Bruyn, Dirk v.d. Bulck, Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp... they all bought top class sprinters that became parents to Olympiad birds (Olympic Rosita & Olympic Bolt) and many National winners. A couple of years ago Stefaan made a transition to the Shorter Middle-Distance races, with excellent results!

In this auction you will only find original Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons, from his best strains, including a unique daughter of foundation breeder BE07-6337270 ‘Blauwe Gert’! ‘Blauwe Gert’ is foundation breeder for Stefaan Lambrechts and is the father of BE10-397 ‘Father Olympic Pair’. At Dirk Van Den Bulck (Grobbendonk) this bird was father of a.o. BE12-038 ‘Olympic Rosita’.

K1 B15-6108233 
Dtr Blauwe Gert x Super 188
0 €


K2 B15- 6108227 
Tornado Belinda
0 €


K3 B15-6108286 
0 €


K4 NL16-1877484 
Copy Vale Jackpot
0 €


K5 NL16-1255155 
Bony Vale Jackpot
0 €


K6 IHU20-S127946 
Double Vale Jackpot
0 €


K7 IHU19-S141864 
Granddaughter Tornado
0 €


K8 IHU19-S141954 
Grandson Tornado
0 €


K9 IHU19-S141852 
Olympic Sagan 852
0 €


K10 IHU19-S141848 
Olympic Sagan 848
0 €


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