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Gerard & Bas Verkerk, Reeuwijk (NL)

Gerard and Bas Verkerk are known for their long list of National winners, Ace pigeons and Olympiad pigeons. Besides their great results at home in Reeuwijk, the Verkerk strain also proved their enormous potential in other lofts as well. It resulted in an impressive list of references. At the lofts in Reeuwijk it are basic breeders ‘Olympic Solange’, ‘New Olympic Solange’, ‘Olympic Bibi’, ‘Olympic Fire Eyes’ and ‘Eye Catcher’ who are responsible for these outstanding results. However, the absolute strain maker at the loft is ‘Olympic Solange’. An excellent breeder and racer with an impressive palmares:

- Winner of 6 national titles

- Olympiad participant (Allround) Dortmund 2009

1. National Ace pigeon Middle Distance NPO 2008

1. National Ace pigeon Hens WHZB 2008

1. National Ace pigeon Allround WHZB 2008

1. National Ace pigeon Allround TBOTB 2008

1. National Ace pigeon Yearlings TBOTB 2008

1. National Ace pigeon Allround May WHZB 2008

1. NPO Argenton against 6.595 b.


The new star at the Verkerk loft is ‘New Olympic Solange’, winner of 1. Nat. Acebird Long Distance 2018. She is great-granddaughter to ‘Olympic Solange’ and granddaughter to super racing hen ‘Lieke’ 11-972.

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