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Marc de Cock, Temse (BE) - Johan 275 - Part 2

The National Topstar from Temse!


Marc de Cock from Temse succeeded in creating a team of super racers, with stock breeder ‘Eagle Eye’ at the base of this magnificent team. With ‘New Eagle Eye’ Marc has the successor of this bird at his loft. ‘New Eagle Eye’ was winner of 1. Prov. Cahors, but showed to be an outstanding breeder, he is already father to many winners, including the winner of 1. Nat. Zone Argenton. Next to ‘New Eagle Eye’, there is also top racer and breeder ‘Rockefeller’. This cock was already 1. Nat. Acebird Allround KBDB in 2018. Other super racers at the lofts of Marc are ‘Bold Eagle’ (winner of 13. Nat. Acebird KBDB), ‘Johan 275’ (3. Nat. Acebird Long Distance KBDB 2015) and ‘Double Remco’ (4. Nat. Acebird Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2019).

Results 2016 - 2021

1. National Acebird KBDB All-round 2018 (‘Rockefeller’)

2. Nat. Olympiadbird – Cat. C. Long Distance Brussels 2017 (‘Bold Eagle’)

3. National Acebird KBDB Long Distance 2015 (‘Johan 275’)

4. National Acebird KBDB Long Distance YL. 2019 (“Double Remco”)

13. National Acebird KBDB Long Distance 2016 (‘Bold Eagle’)

1. Provincial Acebird KBDB Long Distance 2015 (‘Johan 275’)

2. Best Old Bird Belgium - One Day LD. Races (‘Top Son Bold Eagle’)

2. Overall National Champion KBDB 2018

1. National Zone B1 Tulle YL. 2019 - 2.085 birds

2. National Zone B1 Souilliac YL. 2019 - 1.164 birds

4. National Zone B. YL. 2018 - 1.187 birds

1. Prov. Chateauroux III YB. 2018 - 3.206 birds, etc.


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