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Late Bert Meijer, Klazienaveen - 3

Long Distance was his passion

Bert Meijer from Klazienaveen was passionated about long distance. He created a super family and was specialized in the 2 day long distance from 800 – 1100 km with liberations in the afternoon.

Bert Meijer paper.jpg

He created a super family of long distance pigeons, based on a fantastic breeding cock of Theo De Gruyter from Nieuwlande, an inbreed granddaughter of ‘Midnight’, Olympiad Pigeon and National Ace for P & S Verbeek,  the good old Jan Aarden breeding lines via Kees De Baat, Steenbergen and Ko Van Dommelen, St. Philipsland and last but not least a fantastic grandson of Jelle Jellema’s foundation breeders ‘Joe Frazier x Julia’, who was immediately successful in Bert Meijer’s breeding program !

Bert Meijer died in March 2021. After a very severe selection, EPW sells the full colony of this big champion !

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