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Jules & Yves Engels


‘Engels’, it is a worldwide renowned name in international pigeon racing. From all over the world fanciers know the highly successful loft of Jos & Jules Engels. Over the years their collection of pigeons has gained a truly impressive palmares. The story of the Engels Brothers starts in 1947, when father Flor Engels started keeping pigeons. His two sons, Jos and Jules, were involved since the very beginning. It was the late Flor Engels, who passed away in 2002, who laid the foundation for the highly successful Engels loft. In March 2019 the sad news reached us of the passing away of Jos Engels. Although it will never be the same, Jules will continue racing pigeons, with help from his son Yves.

In 2015 ‘De Limoges’ became the winner of their national race from Limoges against 15.009 pigeons. He is an inbred pigeon based on the illustrious breeder and stock sire ‘178’, coming from a pairing of son x granddaughter ‘178’. ‘Den 178’, is (grand)father to many winners like ‘Den Argenton’, ‘De Limoges’, etc. Descendants of ‘Den 178’ are winner of:

1. National Limoges - 15.009 birds

1. National Z. Limoges - 3.764 birds

1. National Z. Limoges - 1.987 birds

1. Provincial Chateauroux - 1.275 birds

1. Provincial Bourges - 1.249 birds

1. Provincial Argenton - 1.538 birds

2. Semi National Argenton - 8.405 birds

2. National Zone Limoges - 3.764 birds

2. Provincial Bourges - 3.193 birds

3. National Bourges - 17.138 birds, etc.

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