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Leo & Gerry Dockx, Koningshooikt

The ‘Kaasboer’ – Gaston Van De Wouwer family

Leo & Gerry Dockx, living in Koningshooikt, a small town near the famous city of Lier, started the 2021 Great Middle Distance season in a way by winning the 1. Provincial Bourges YL against 4.725 pigeons !


The base of their loft was created with the original Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeons, all close related to the fabulous breeder BE98-690 ‘De Kaasboer’. In the last few years they invested in some super pigeons, original Gaby Vandenabeele and closely related Gaby pigeons via Rik Cools, Ruiselede.

The big breakthrough for this sympathic tandem was in 2014, when they won the 1. National Ace Pigeon GMD Youngsters KBDB with their star BE14-069 ‘Tarzan’.

In this auction, you find a severe selected group, all close related to the Gastpn Van De Wouwer pigeons and off course ‘Tarzan’.

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