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A.A.N. Keeris, Knegsel (NL) - 1

Small loft, great results

Total auction of the racing team and breeders

Although Addy, Anja, and Nina Keeris from Knegsel only race with a few pigeons in the strong district of Oost-Brabant, their results are impressive. The father of Addy, the late Ad Keeris, created a strong strain of pigeons, based on the old lines of Gerard Koopman from Ermerveen.

AAN KEERIS_600.jpg

In 2021 the Keeris family showed again outstanding results, with winning 1. and 3. National Sector 1B Chateauroux against 3.511 birds as main highlight. At the base of this family of winners are world-famous pigeons like ‘Kleine Dirk’, ‘Golden Lady’ (mother to ‘Kleine Dirk’) and ‘Aladin’ (super breeder at Marijke Vink). Ad was lucky to obtain the pigeons via Hans Broeders from Haghorst. 2021 was also the year in which the 78-year-old Ad Keeris died after a corona infection. Since the lofts were in the backyard of the house of Ad, and the house now needs to be sold, the Keeris family decided to sell the total racing team. All super racers, incl. the 1. and 3. National Sector 1B will be in this special auction!


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