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John & Els Saverwijns,Lovendegem

In no time to the National Top scene !

Among a small group of new talents in the Belgian Pigeon Racing, you can find the sympatic man and wife combination John & Els Saverwijns. Completely addicted to the pigeonsport for many years, they decided in 2014 to make a restart on the middle and great middle distance races, before racing the long distance races.


They kept the very best of the old base, which was founded with pigeons of Georges Carteus from Ronse and they were crosses with the best of Degraeve – Van Geert.

The last few years, they found a new superbreeder, named FINN 300, which was a product of new investments out of the very best Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines from Anton Ruitenberg, Zwolle and Gerard Koopman, Ermerveen.

The list with championships, won during the last few years is very impressive

1. Prov. Champion SMD Youngsters KBDB 2020

2. Prov. Champion SMD Youngsters KBDB 2021

2. Prov. Champion GMD Yearlings KBDB 2021

3. Prov. General Loft Champion KBDB 2021

3. Prov. Ace Pigeon All Round YB KBDB 2021

4. NAT. Champion SMD KBDB Youngsters 2016

4. NAT. Champion GMD Youngsters KBDB 2017

10. NAT. Champion GMD Yearlings KBDB 2018

12. NAT. Champion GMD Youngsters KBDB 2016

16. NAT. Champion SMD Youngsters KBDB 2019

In this small auction, but with exceptional quality, you can find a super selection of 2 foundation breeders ‘Robby’ – K 1 and ‘Paulette’ – K 2, together with National Topracers on the races between 450 and 700 km !


1. Prices are excl. VAT

- Pigeons bidding prices showed for this auction excl. 6% VAT, excl. , this means that the price showed on the website for those auction pigeon will be raised with 6% VAT!

-For buyers from EU member states, please refers to the VAT rate in your country of residence clicking there.

2. Gender of youngsters cannot be guaranteed

- The gender of a youngster (pigeon under the age of 1 year) presented on the website is for reference purposes only. Unfortunately, we cannot 100% guarantee the correct sex of the youngster, we apologize for that.

3. Prices are excl. shipping costs

- Please be aware that all bidding prices showed on our website are excluding shipping costs.

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