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Olympiad Star in Oredea 2022 !

One of the big stars in the past Olympiad, held in Oredea – Romania, in the summer of 2022 was without any doubt Petar Radolovic. Not less than 7 pigeons from Petar were selected to participate in the Olympiad.


Petar invested in 2018 in original pigeons from Danny Van Dyck, Pulle (line of Kanon – Den 11 – Fiona), Marcel Wouters, Westmalle (line of ‘Den Ad’) and Andre Roodhooft, Pulderbos (line ‘Tom’) and decided to bring those birds in the hard races in Croatia. In this auction, we have 2 original Danny Van Dyck pigeons who represented Croatia at the Olympiad. Other Olympiad pigeons were offspring of the Van Dyck and Wouters pigeons and will also be sold in this fantastic auction, which will be held in 2 parts !

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