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Noël Peiren, Zedelgem

Youngsters from the racers

Introducing Noël Peiren is unnecessary ! His pigeons are dominating the long distance races in Belgium for decades of years.6 x 1st National – 7 x 2nd International, more words are not needed.


Noël is nowadays 80 years old and created his strain with the good old strains of Andre Vanbruane, Charel Van der Espt, Roger Florizoone and Etienne Devos. The last few years, only a few pigeons were entered to cross with his old strains. A super family of winners, not on his own loft, but also in numerous other lofts in -and outside Belgium. Among others the master himself, Gerard Koopman, reinforced his loft with the very best of Noël Peiren, who gave him super results on his loft, but also in the one loft races !

In this limited auction, you can find a super selection with youngsters from the best racers, specially selected for EPW !

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