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Luc De Laere

Unbelievable super season in 2022

Offered by Pigeon Trading Belgium

Many fanciers aim for success. Some manage to be successful for long periods of time, others alternate success with periods of poor results. Only a few manage to race at the highest level year in, year out. These fanciers rely on a great stock, which they have built up for many years, by breeding, testing, selecting and again breeding.


Luc De Laere certainly belong to the last category of fanciers, who have continuously been at the top for years on end. Each year, he manages to win several prestigious races. However, 2022 was an exceptionally good season. A national ace pigeon, 2 national and 8 provincial victories...very few have matched these achievements in just one season. It is the ultimate reward after all the work and hours Luc De Laere has invested in his pigeons.

The references which Luc receives each year, show that this stock outclasses the average pigeon. Quality always comes first, and therefore many fanciers strengthened their own stock with that of Luc De Laere.

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