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Predrag Konic

Predrag Konic is a young enthusiast from Serbia. He has lived in the Netherlands for many years and was also very active in the pigeon sport here. 3 years ago he went back to his native country.

He has put down a great loft with pigeons with which

he wants to succeed in the future. In his breeding loft are only children from top pigeons such as: “Greipel”, “Kittel”, “Sagan”, “Den Ad”, “New Harry”, etc..



K1 NL22-8677141 
‘Inbred Best Kittel’
0 €


K2 NL22-8677580 
‘Blue Pied Best Kittel’
0 €


K3 NL22-8677178 
‘Mealy Sagan’
0 €


K4 NL22-8677165 
‘Granddaughter Sagan’
0 €


K5 NL22-8677190 
‘Granddaughter Greipel’
0 €


K6 NL22-8677526 
‘Grandson New Harry’
0 €


K7 NL22-8677163 
‘Double Nole’
0 €


K8 NL22-8677168 
‘White Adje’
0 €


K9 NL22-8677535 
‘Inbred Gladiator’
0 €


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