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Danny van Dyck, Pulle (BE)

Dominator for the last decade on the Middle Distance in The Antwerp Province


"KANON" and "DEN 11"

The domination of Danny Van Dijck started in 2009 with his 2 nestbrothers BE09-112 ‘KANON’ and BE09-111 ‘Den 11’, winners of 4. And 5. National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Youngsters KBDB 2009. ‘Kanon’ was also 1. National Ace Pigeon WENC Dortmund Middle Distance.The foundation of the loft started in 2004 with several pigeons from the great champion Jos Cools, Grobbendonk. ‘Kanon’ and ‘11’ are descendants from one of these pigeons. Also pigeons from Eddy Janssens and Johan Donckers were very successful that time.

1.Nat. Ace Pigeon with 'KOGELTJE'

In 2009, Rik Hermans, moved to Pulle and became neighbour of Danny. The very best from the breeding loft of Jan & Rik Hermans/Emiel Van Den Brande came to the breeding loft of Danny. Also a superhen from Karel Boeckx, Turnhout was very successful. Together with ‘Kanon’, she became the mother of ‘Kogeltje’, winner of 1. National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB Youngsters 2013!

EPW got the opportunity to get 12 pigeons from the very best of Danny Van Dijck! 3 children ‘KANON’, 6 children ‘Den 11’, Full brother ‘Kanon’ and ‘Den 11’ and 1 grandchild of Di Caprio. An enormous collection of superstars. Only from the very best !


K1 B14-6058691 
‘Brother Kogeltje’
0 €


K2 B14-6311935 
‘Halfbrother Kanon’
0 €


K3 B15-6063245 
‘Golden Elf’
0 €


K4 B15-6285786 
‘Super Eleven’
0 €


K5 B15-6285787 
‘Best Eleven’
0 €


K6 B14-6307387 
‘Son Vechter’
0 €


K7 B16-6128277 
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K8 B16-6128473 
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K9 B16-6128479 
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