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Gaston van de Wouwer, Berlaar (BE)

Unstoppable in 2018!

Gaston van de Wouwer seems to be unstoppable in 2018! After winning 2. prize on National Chateauroux against 17.269 young birds and the 1. Nat. Chateauroux against 2.855 birds a few weeks later his BE18-6063796 became 1. Nat. Aceb. Youngsters L.M.D. KBDB and BE16-6023127 became 4. Nat. Aceb. Old L.M.D. KBDB 2018


Gaston van de Wouwer from Berlaar is having an outstanding season. Maybe it even one of best seasons in his impressive career! In 2018 Gaston claimed the National 1. prize from Chateauroux against 2.855 pigeons. It brings his total to 3 National first prizes! This year Gaston proves, once again, the strength of his amazing ‘Kaasboer’ bloodline. It is one of great breeding value. The pigeons of Gaston can be characterised by an iron constitution and an unseen drive to win. Also at other lofts his birds show their potential. In cross-breeding with the Van de Wouwer birds these birds show a countless amount of top performances put in by fellow fanciers.  


All this success can be ascribed to one single pigeon, the stock cock De Kaasboer. After all, all pigeons housing in Gaston’s lofts carry De Kaasboer’s blood. Gaston once exchanged a cock with Jozef Goovaerts (better known in the area as the ‘Cheese farmer’), wherefrom he couldn’t have known at the time that he would develop in Berlaar to a ‘golden breeding pigeon’, even to one of the greatest breeding pigeons in the world for the middle distance. This stock breeder was christened by Gaston as the ‘Kaasboer’ (ring BE98- 6335690).


In 2018 European Pigeon Website will present a unique ‘Kaasboer’ auction with top breeding cock ‘Ferrari’ and a direct daughter to super racer ‘Barbara’. Also a group of original granddaughters and grandson to stock breeder ‘Kaasboer’ will be for sale. A unique auction, with only the best of Gaston van de Wouwer from Berlaar!

K1 B11-6341424 
‘Daughter Barbara’
0 €


K2 B10-6031878 
‘Brother Kim’
0 €


K3 B13-6062106 
‘Son Marieke’
0 €


K4 B13-6062185  
‘Son Dina’
0 €


K5 B10-6031862 
‘Daughter Returned Kaasboer’
0 €


K6 B09- 6113733 
‘Son Tia’
0 €


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