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Gino Clicque

Gino Clicque from Wevelgem (Belgium) does not need any introduction in international pigeon sport. One of the pioneers who helped Gino write his success story is without doubt B08-3172902 Super Prince.


In 2010, Super Prince silenced pigeon fanciers all across the world by winning three top six national prizes and, consequently, the title of 2nd National Ace Bird Longer Middle Distance KBDB. In 2009 he had already finished twelfth at national level. His results are just breathtaking:

1st Prov. Bourges I 2010 - 2,170 birds / 5th Nat. 22,516 birds

1st Prov. Bourges II 2010 - 604 birds / 4th Nat. 10,906 birds

2nd Prov. Argenton 2010 - 1,398 birds / 6th Nat. 10,549 birds

7th Prov. Poitiers 2010 - 1,153 birds

8th Prov. Bourges 2009 - 2,286 birds / 12th Nat. 22,499 birds

So four top twelve prizes at national level against an average of 16,617 birds!

Super Prince really was a star racer but he has also more than proven his worth in the breeding loft by now. He is for example grandsire of:

Golden Prince, B13-3031767, 1st Nat. Ace Bird Long Distance 2014 KBDB

Prince Rudy, B14-3028072, 1st Nat. Limoges 14,575 birds 2015

Olympic Princess, B15-3050843, 1st Nat. Bourges 2016 45,730 birds at Ronny Menten

Betty, B13-3031674, Co-winner 1st Nat. Championship Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2014

Het Monster, B13-3160536, 2 times top 21 at national level

Grandson Piraat 608, B15-3050608, 3rd Prov. Ace Bird Long Distance KBDB 2016

Granddaughter Super Prince, B15-3050604, 6th Prov. Ace Bird Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2016

Hazard, B15-3050560, 1st Nat. Zone Montélimar

The Saumur, B14-3156994, 1st Prov. Saumur

Peter, B14-3028081, 4th Nat. Libourne

An impressive list of high-quality offspring, proving that Super Prince has surely left his mark on the immense success Gino has achieved so far. It is often said that good birds only come from good birds. Here, the saying should be "super birds only come from super birds"!

K1 B18-3003492 
0 €


K2 B18-3003514 
"Grs. Mario”
0 €


K3 B16-3107354 
‘Halfbrother Sagan’
0 €


K4 B18-3003463 
"Grd. Devil Prince”
0 €


K5 B18-3003454 
"Grd. Devil Prince”
0 €


K6 B17-3061779 
‘Double Golden Prince’
0 €


K7 B16-3144139 
"Grs. Golden Prince”
0 €


K8 B17-3131142 
"Grs. Prince Rudy”
0 €


K9 B18-3003519 
‘Granddaughter Super Gaby’
0 €


K10 B18-3003430 
‘Rudy Piraat’
0 €


K11 B18-3003397 
‘Super Prince Rudy’
0 €


K12 B18-3003465 
‘Golden Super Rudy’
0 €


K13 B18-3003441 
"Grs Prince Rudy”
0 €


K14 B18-3003451 
‘Granddaughter Red Filip’
0 €


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