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Jos Vercammen


METEORIC RISE | The Jos Vercammen loft has had a meteoric rise to the firmament of international pigeon racing. One top result has followed another, but, what is also of great importance, numerous fanciers throughout the world had National and International successes with the Vercammen pigeons.



The 2018 season has been another great success for Hok Jos Vercammen, with top results across all competitions almost on a weekly basis. The race from Chateauroux was a particularly memorable event. The team wins an impressive 7 top 100 prizes with the yearlings, 2 top 100 prizes with the old birds, as well as 4 x top 100 and 7 x top 120 with the young birds. These numbers speak for themselves. But also at other lofts the Vercammen pigeons show their potentia. Rene Coenen (Kessel, BE) wins 1. National Chateauroux against 17.269 young birds with a pigeon that is a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen, inbred to super breeder ‘Elektro’. And team Roziers-Xiang (Itegem, BE) wins a 40. National young birds with a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen (grandchild Mustang). In addition, the team of Roziers also wins a 1st National Bourges young birds (as the fastest of 59,243 pigeons) in 2017, again with a 50% Vercammen bird.


Whitout doubt it is breeder ‘Elektro’ (BE08-6174630) that is a part of that exclusive club of superbreeders. The list of his top performing children and grandchildren is really impressive, despite the fact that at Hok Jos Vercammen they have always raced with a limited number of children from ‘Elektro’. The most promising grandson is ‘Mustang’. It was the‘Mustang’ bloodline that was particularly successful in National racing in 2018: the first three arrivals in Vremde from Chateauroux (2. and 3. National yearlings and 3. National young birds) are a youngster and two grandchildren of this renowned breeder. Keep in mind that Mustang (BE14-6175237) won himself a 1st National Chateauroux in 2014, as the fastest of 33.018 pigeons!


The racing season 2018 was a major success for Jos and Lars Vercammen. This is the palmares of a fantastic pigeon breed that has been carefully put together over the course of many years. European Pigeon Website is excited to announce a serie of auctions with a.o. 4 children ‘Mustang’, 4 children ‘Elektro’ and children to ‘Origi’! An extraordinary auction!

K25 B17-6259751 
‘White Elektro’
0 €


K26 B17-6259768 
‘Mustang Elektro’
0 €


K27 B17-6025423 
‘Halfsister Prada’
0 €


K28 B17-6025424 
‘Halfbrother Prada’
0 €


K29 B17-6025425 
‘Young Dodge’
0 €


K30 B17-6025426 
‘Halfsister Iron Man’
0 €


K31 B17-6025427 
‘Elektro Zorro’
0 €


K32 B17-6025428 
‘Zorro Elektro’
0 €


K33 B17-6025429 
‘Grandson Elektro’
0 €


K34 B17-6025430 
‘Grandson Elektro’
0 €


K35 B17-6025431 
‘New Panter 31’
0 €


K36 B17-6025432 
‘New Panter 32’
0 €


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