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Stefaan Lambrechts, Berlaar 6

The best racing team on the National Race with youngsters on Chateauroux III in 2016

Berlaar, Stefaan Lambrechts, well known for his super results on the Middle distance and great middle distance races with youngsters, had his last race on the lofts in Berlaar on the National Chateauroux III on the 10th of September 2016.

He achieved probably the best result of Belgium by winning

Châteauroux Nat.: 18-21-62-84-87-104-119-121-194-236-322-350-448-515-516-863-964-1295-1300 (23/38) against 14762 pigeons.

Before, this super team, overclassed the Antwerp races on the middle distance !

EPW had the opportunity that time to get this superteam of youngsters after that super race, together with practically a full round out of the best breeders of Stefaan Lambrechts.

Now, the time to auction this super racing team has come, together with the round of youngsters from the breeders.

K15 B16-6081216 
‘New Olympic Poot’
0 €


K16 B16-6081217 
‘Daughter Olympic Poot’
0 €


K17 B16-6081218 
‘Grandson Blauwe Beer’
0 €


K18 B17-6084201 
‘Child Gekwetste’
0 €


K19 B17-6084203 
‘New Steffie’
0 €


K20 B17-6084204 
‘Grandchild 4000’
0 €


K21 B17-6084207 
‘New Angerville’
0 €


K22 B17-6084212 
‘Grandchild Goede Rode’
0 €


K23 B17-6084215 
‘Bleu Leentje’
0 €


K24 B17-6084232 
‘New Usain’
0 €


K25 B17-6084236 
‘Blauwe Beer’
0 €


K26 B17-6084245 
‘Dark White’
0 €


K27 B17-6084247 
‘Best Kittel’
0 €


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