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Beute-Hansen, Wilhelminaoord (NL)

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Gert-Jan Beute from Wilhelminaoord is a true champion racer from The Netherlands. Since a few years his partner Petra Hansen is also involved in pigeon racing, so they decided to start racing under the name Beute-Hansen. Also, Gert-Jan owns a very successful company that supplies products for pigeon racing. Renowned fanciers like Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, Maarten Huijsmans, Embregt-Teunis, Johan den Hartog and many other fanciers are using his products and show excellent results.

‘The Vechtmachine’, the legendary basic breeder

Basic breeder at the loft Beute-Hansen is NL09-988 ‘De Vechtmachine’ (The Fighting Machine). This pigeon is a cross breeding of the Leo Heremans pigeons and Gerard Koopman pigeons. This strain maker is a top-class breeding pigeon that bred several Acebirds and winners with several hens. ‘De Vechtmachine’ is a son of NL08-1102313 ‘De Triller’. This Heremans cock comes via Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp and is inbred to the world-famous ‘Olympiade 003’. He is also a descendant to the famous ‘Euro’. Mother of ‘De Vechtmachine’ is direct Gerard Koopman, a grandchild to NL98-5821450 ‘Yi Min’, full sister to the phenomenal ‘Kleine Dirk’. Descendants to ‘De Vechtmachine’ proved to be winners on races from 100 – 600 km. A true strain of all-round pigeons! Now, in 2023 there are hundreds of descendants with 1 Prizes, Teletext notations, National Acebirds, Olympiad birds, etc.


Descendants to 'De Vechtmachine' are winner of:

1. Nat. Acebird Long Distance TBOTB 2011

2. Nat. Acebird Long Distance NPO 2011

1. NPO Chateaudun – 11.572 birds

1. NPO Orleans Saran - 5.972 birds

1. NPO Sezanne - 5.051 birds

1. Chateaudun - 2.927 birds

2. NPO Troyes - 7.485 birds

2. NPO Pithiviers – 7.353 birds

4. NPO Pithiviers - 7.485 birds, etc.

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K1 NL21-1487480 
‘Daughter Vechtmachine’
0 €


K2 NL20-1769687 
‘Daughter Vechtmachine’
0 €


K3 NL20-1769595 
‘Mister X & Hope’
0 €


K4 NL20-1063601 
‘Sister Lucinde’
0 €


K5 NL21-1487628 
‘Grandson Leonidas’
0 €


K6 NL21-1487574 
‘Special Damon’
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