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Honor Mosaic 4 - What happened to those lofts with ten thousands of pigeon?

What happened to those lofts with ten thousands of pigeon?

Honor Mosaic 4

How many pigeons a loft can collect from fanciers, it is an important criteria for evaluating a loft. However, it is not the more the better. Just like Huashunde Spring loft, collected many pigeons but also many were sick and die. Feeding and management are also important. Now let’s talk about the situation of those lofts.

Honor Pigeon Racing.com is devoting to produce pigeon informationandhigh grade videowith attitude, humanity and profundity, and offer events live streaming and other customized service.

So far, Honor Pigeon Racing has have pigeon base of 3000 square meters and 1300 international good quality pigeons, Honor Pigeon Racing website both on PC-end and mobile-end, “Honor Pigeon Racing Magazine”with a circulation of about ten thousand, Honor Pigeon Racing wechat public account with fifty thousand followers.

In 2017, Honor Pigeon Racing launched the first pigeon gene services in China——Honor Pigeon Racing Gene Servicesthat includes pigeon motive function assessment, Pigeon breeding selection guidance and pigeon paternity testing, which help fanciers’ pigeon racing bussiness achieve a higer level.

Honor Pigeon Racing friendly cooperates with numerous enterprises in the industry, and keeps close interaction with thousands of fancier, thus enjoys an excellent reputation in pigeon racing industry.

Honor Pigeon Racing is willing to cooperate with industry peers to exert resources advantage, to make the strong get stronger, and a mutual benefit, win-win situation.

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