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Pigeon News 60S——the eighty-nine

Pigeon News 60S——the eighty-nine

The first week of 2018 comes the snowfall and freezing rain

Rainfall capacity in many places broke through the extremal capacity

Annual report of pigeon industry was came out for  fanciers’s  consultation 

2018 collective race of Gansu pigeon association and the eighteenth national race Held in the same field

The race with the highest atmosphere of Spring Festival

Fanciers won fat pigs on Chongqing pigeon association club

Xi'an pigeon association showed security deposit of Saiwei loft, loft management become more transparent

Swindle group in Zhejiang was sued

Pigeon blood was used to pretend injured in a traffic accident

Where were those pigeons coming home late in lofts

There is illegal phenomenon in meat pigeon market

No only there are big nose pigeons but also fanfan on winter market in Xinjiang

Beijing Yixin gave thanksgiving feedback to  old fanciers of 2016 and 2017

It freed a racing fee if fancier had paid it for ten racing pigeons

Jiangsu iron pigeon sanxiang loft canceled all pointed items in 600 kms race and refund pointed fee


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