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Jos & Jan Loobuyck - Full round of late bred youngsters 2018

Jos & Jan Loobuyck, Aalter

Outstanding on the Long Distance in 2019

Jos & Jan Loobuyck were in 2019 again outstanding on the long distance with their small team of racers. Their famous pigeons as ‘Fonne’, Keikop’, ‘Perigueux’,  ‘Stouten’ and many more superstars are responsible again for National, Provincial and local loft championships.

In 2019, they were winners of the very prestigious title of 1. Champion 6-races Championship ‘Belgische Verstandhouding’, one of the most wanted titles on the long distance. Further, they won the 1. Best Cahors pigeon over 2018-2019 on the Pipa Ranking with ‘Kristal’ a super son of ‘Diamant’ and a grandson of foundation cock ‘Fonne’. In the auction, under K 4, we find a super sister of this fabulous ‘Kristal’, 38. Cahors National 6.356 p (747 km), 37. Limoges National 9.162 p and 98. Cahors National 6.903 p.

The colony is the last few years definite one of the best in Belgium with their very small base,

1. Montauban National 4.327 p – 791 km ‘16

1. Jarnac National 5.134 p – 653 km ‘17

1. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2016

2. Marseille National

2. Marseille International

4. National Champion Long Distance Yrl KBDB 2018

EPW offers in this exceptional auction, a full round of late bred youngsters 2018, out of this phenomenal breeding loft !

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