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Maarten Korthouwer, Elst (NL)

Maarten Korthouwer, Elst (NL)

- A unique auction of a golden breeding loft –

Maarten Korthouwer lives in the village of Elst, near Arnhem and Nijmegen (The Netherlands). For over 65 years Maarten is in pigeon racing. Despite his respected age and poor health, this 82-year-old pigeon fancier still shows outstanding results. He competes in the strong district Afdeling 8 against renowned pigeon fanciers, including Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, Marcel Sangers, Alwin Petrie and Henk Scheffel. With a small group of pigeons – he only participates in races with 18 pigeons – he showed that he is able to beat the ‘big names’ in the district.


His old strain is built on the superb pigeons of Gerard Koopman from Ermerveen. The lines of basic breeder NL88-913 ‘Ons Louis’ (1. Nat. Bourges 1993 against 7.688 b.) you can still find in the pedigrees of many pigeons at the loft of Korthouwer. In 2016 new pigeons were purchased to strengthen the breeding loft. He went to competitor Henk Scheffel to purchase pigeons from the famous NL07-2139156 ‘Bendner’ and NL09-1957884 ‘Jonge Bonfire’ lines. Super breeder ‘Bendner’ was already (grand)father to:

1. NPO Peronne  4.974 p.

2. NPO Nanteuil  9.078 p.

3. NPO Salbris  5.641 p.

3. NPO Nanteuil  6.619 p.

3. NPO Morlincourt  4.309 p.

4. NPO Morlincourt  4.309 p.

8. NPO Nanteuil  6.619 p.


At the loft of Korthouwer this strain of Scheffel pigeons was immediately successful. In the first year at the breeder loft NL16-1267304 and NL16-1267310 became the parents to ‘Super 101’ and ‘Super 102’. Both great performers at the loft Korthouwer, winning 1. against 4.624 pigeons, 1. against 3.325 pigeons, 1. against 4.152 pigeons, etc. in 2018 and 2019.


Although Maarten Korthouwer still enjoys racing pigeons, his current health situation makes it very tough. Recently he was diagnosed with cancer and is suffering from a long disease. His health situation doesn’t allow him to take care of so many pigeons. Therefore, Maarten Korthouwer decided to sell his golden collection of breeders in an exclusive auction at European Pigeon Website. All breeders will be sold, including the two top racers ‘Super 101’ and her nestmate ‘Super 102’.

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