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Algarve Great Derby OLR signs at European Pigeon Website

Algarve Great Derby OLR signs at European Pigeon Website

Contract signed for a long-term partnership –

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The Algarve Great Derby, has become one of the largest One Loft Races in Europe, internationally recognized for its care for its pigeons and its great editions, located in the Algarve (Portugal). The goals of the organization of this OLR is to be one of the most modern OLRs in the world. For the upcoming edition new equipment is bought and new technologies are implemented. All this so that fanciers can follow all the developments in the race via www.algarvegreatderby.com For the 2020 edition they signed an exclusive partnership deal with European Pigeon Website, one of the leading auction platforms in China. EPW will bring the 30 first arrivals in the official qualification of the Final Race and the 10 first Ace pigeons into an exceptional auction. Of course, EPW will also report on the OLR in China during the official races.


The team of European Pigeon Website is looking forward this cooperation. Good luck for all fanciers who will participate in this OLR, enjoy the 2020 edition!

The Team of European Pigeon Website


Want to join the Algarve Great Derby 2020? The pigeons will be collected on Jun2 15. 2020! Visit www.algarvegreatderby.com for more information about rules and prize tables.


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