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Upcoming auction: Nico van Muylder, Buggenhout (BE)

Nico van Muylder, Buggenhout (BE)

- A family of National Ace pigeons -

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Nico Van Muylder from Buggenhout was a professional bicycle racer from Belgium. In 2010 he said farewell to the world of cycling and started focusing on pigeon racing. In his years on his bike he always aimed to improve his skills, to optimize his performance. Once he started racing pigeons he also had one goals; becoming the best on the National races. In Erik de Mul he found an excellent loft manager, they started the combination Van Muylder-De Mul. Later Eddy Noël also joined the combination to give advice on mixtures of seeds and grains. In order to build a superb team of racers they invested only in the best pigeons, so pigeons from Jef Houben, Gaston Van De Wouwer, Jos & Jules Engels, Verbruggen, Heremans-Ceusters, Gaby Vandenabeele, Bart & Nance Van Oeckel and Noël-Willockx moved to their lofts. Over the years many top results on the National races where achieved.

Super performers on the National races
In 2013 the first top results were achieved by "Leentje". She was winner of 7x 1. prize, and 3x top 5 on a Provincial level. She became the 6. National Acebird Yearlings Middle Long Distance KBDB. In 2014 it was "Miss Argenton" who showed outstanding results. She was winner of 1. Provincial Argenton against 6340 pigeons, 4. Provincial La Souterraine against 4250 pigeons and 7. National Zone Gueret against 2352 pigeons. With these results she became the 2. National Acebird Great Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2014. In 2016 it was “Mariska” who became 3. National Acebird Great Middle Distance KBDB. This yearling was winner of 2. Provincial Bourges and 6. Provincial La Souterraine. All pigeons are closely related, with BE06-526 “Lea”, BEBE12-443 “Leentje” and “Danny” BE06-594 as foundation pigeons. “Lea” is original Leo Heremans and is mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to many super racers at the loft of van Muylder. She is a granddaughter to the world famous “Olympiade 003”. “Danny” is also proved to be a stock breeder. He is, in example grandfather to “Miss Argenton”.


An auction with a selection of the best racers

In this special auction EPW offers a selection of the best racers of Nico van Muylder, including: BE13-865 “Pascal” (K1), winner of 34. National Gueret against 12.516 pigeons, BE14-138 “Axelle” (K11), winner of 11. Provincial Chateauroux against 4.206 pigeons and BE14-336 “June” (K25 – Half-sister to “Pascal”), winner of 15. National Zone Chateauroux against 1.971 pigeons.

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