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Comb. Geerlings-van Duin


Comb. Geerlings-van Duin

Comb. Geerlings-van Duin is known as a true specialist on the long distance races. They bought many good pigeons and showed to be very succesfull with the best pigeons of Pieter Veenstra, Henk Melis, Gebr. Scheele, Herman Calon en Arie Dijkstra (via Nico & Ivo v. Veen). Top hen ‘Bodi’ NL13-025 became even the mother to 1. International Agen against 25.328 birds! During the year many NPO and victories in the district were won. However, they never sold their champions. They enjoy their pigeons, commerce and making big money by selling pigeons is for the others. Now, in 2020 they decided to say goodbye to the world of pigeon racing. All breeders, super racers and their children will be sold in an exclusive auction on European Pigeon Website!

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