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Algarve Great Derby - One of the most successful OLR in Europe

Algarve Great Derby

One of the most successful OLR in Europe

Algarve Great Derby was established in 2015. In 2020 we celebrated hour 6º edition.

We became one of the largest OLRS in Europe, the results from Great Derby count for F.C.I  World Ranking , and all the final race,  the basketing are controlled by F.C.I members.


Over the last 6 editions we were internationally recognized for the care of our athletes. In 2020, 80 % of the subscribed pigeons, go to the Final Race of 500 km. We started with 2070 pigeons from 478 fanciers, we basket to the final race 1726 pigeons.


Located in Portugal , in the province of Faro, region of Algarve are the place with the best climate for enjoying an amazing holiday and enjoy pigeon sport. The last week of September, all renamed fanciers travel to Algarve to assist the finals from the most famous OLRS in Europe.


Splendid beaches of fine sand, unique hospitable and amazing food, served by a great number of Hotels and airport 15 minutes from the doors of our derby, make the recipe for success.


The year 2020 was a year of big changes for us. We started a new place, with better conditions for the pigeons. We improve the way we communicate with our participants, new equipment, new technologies and new ways of menacing social networks.


All the basketing where more efficient and controlled by external auditors, all the pigeons from the final get a stamp in the wing, all fanciers all over the world could assist live the final in the YouTube , and assist via Benzing Live the result .


We are pleased  with the success from 2020, but we want to get better and better in the next years…


We have teams from all over the world, we recognize our champions over the last editions:

· 1º Edition winner  was Gert Rotnam from The Netherlands – NL15-442228

· 2º Edition winner was G & D Aslandidis from Greece – GR 16 – 1017073

· 3º Edition winner was Antonio Rodrigues from Portugal – PT17 - 7240060

· 4º Edition winner was Safet Duran from Ireland – IHU 18 – S 105559

· 5º Edition winner was W. Rietkerken en Zoon  from The Netherlands – NL19-1595370

· 6º Edition winner was Pedro Porto Project – PT 20 – 0241333


We chose EPW to present and make the auction of the 30 first arrivals plus the 10 best As- Pigeons.

This pigeons presented in auction all were selected in this race program:

1º Race 2020 – Vidigueira – 140 km

2º Race 2020 – Evora – 163 km

3º Race 2020 – Vimieiro – 200 km

4º Race – Semi-Final – Niza 283 km

5º Race – Final – Alfandega da Fé – 486 km


Good luck with your new purchases and we would like to invite you to participate in the 2021 edition.

The auction will start on Sunday, November 8 until Friday, November 13

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