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Upcoming auction: Beute-Hansen, Wilhelminaoord (NL)

Beute-Hansen, Wilhelminaoord (NL)

A selection of result pigeons and youngsters from the best breeders


Gert-Jan Beute from Wilhelminaoord is a true champion racer from The Netherlands. Since a few years his partner Petra Hansen is also involved in pigeon racing, so they decided to start racing under the name Beute-Hansen. Also, Gert-Jan owns a very successful company that supplies products for pigeon racing. Renowned fanciers like Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, Maarten Huijsmans, Embregt-Teunis, Johan den Hartog and many other fanciers are using his products and show excellent results.

The Beute family, known for many years of quality pigeons

In the past Gert-Jan raced pigeons with his father Arnold, who passed away in 1999. They always had direct pigeons from the Janssen Brothers from Arendonk at their lofts or raced with pigeons from the Janssen bloodlines. His father was already in 1967 National Champion WHZB and also performed at a very high level. In his early years Arnold took his son Beute to all major players in pigeon racing, to observe the best pigeons. His father told him always to remember the characteristics of the best pigeons from the best fanciers. For this reason, Gert-Jan decided to write a book in 2005 / 2006 on the characteristics of the world’s best performing pigeons. In one year, he visited all top racers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and observed 400 National Acebirds, super breeders and Multiple winners. He wrote down all information about the eyes, throats, wings, muscles, vent bones, etc. From his research he discovered that the top pigeons all have the same characteristics, compared to the more ‘normal’ pigeons. From that time on he was asked to judge more then 10.000 pigeons at fanciers all over the world. From Saudi-Arabia to the United States and from Portugal to Hungary and Denmark, Gert-Jan was asked to give his opinion on pigeons. In 2006 a new era started. He judged his own Janssen pigeons and selected only the best ones to continue with, based on his own strict criteria. In 2008 from a full round of youngsters at Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp he only selected 1 pigeon following these criteria: NL08-1102313 ‘De Triller’. He became the father of a legendary breeder named ‘De Vechtmachine’.


‘The Vechtmachine’, the legendary basic breeder

Basic breeder at the loft Beute-Hansen is NL09-988 ‘De Vechtmachine’ (The Fighting Machine). This pigeon is a cross breeding of the Leo Heremans pigeons and Gerard Koopman pigeons. This strain maker is a top-class breeding pigeon that bred several Acebirds and winners with several hens. ‘De Vechtmachine’ is a son of NL08-1102313 ‘De Triller’. This Heremans cock comes via Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp and is inbred to the world-famous ‘Olympiade 003’. He is also a descendant to the famous ‘Euro’. Mother of ‘De Vechtmachine’ is direct Gerard Koopman, a grandchild to NL98-5821450 ‘Yi Min’, full sister to the phenomenal ‘Kleine Dirk’. Descendants to ‘De Vechtmachine’ proved to be winners on races from 100 – 600 km. A true strain of all-round pigeons! Now, in 2020 there are hundreds of descendants with 1 Prizes, Teletext notations, National Acebirds, Olympiad birds, etc. Over the last years no youngsters from ‘De Vechtmachine’ participated in races. Only the NL19-544 raced, this pigeon will be sold exclusively in the auction at European Pigeon Website.


References ‘De Vechtmachine’

In his first year as a breeder, ‘De Vechtmachine’ is father to:

- NL10-013 ‘Dalia’, winner of:

      1. Nat. Acebird Long Distance TBOTB 2011

      2. Nat. Acebird Long Distance NPO 2011

- NL10-012 ‘Daisy’, winner of:

      2. Morlincourt – 425 birds

      4. Lommel – 1.473 birds

      5. Boxtel – 15.762 birds

- NL10-556 ‘Gertje’, raced by Peter van de Merwe and winner of:

      1. Dutch Golden Classic Race’ – winner of €4.000,-

      1. NPO Chateaudun – 11.572 birds

- NL12-855 ‘Famke’, winner of:

      1. Boxtel – 2.899 birds

      8. St. Quentin – 13.652 birds

- NL10-438 ‘Mr. Teletekst’, raced by Willem Heinhuis and winner of:

      2. NPO Pithiviers – 7.353 birds

Descendants to 'De Vechtmachine' are winner of:

    1. NPO Orleans Saran - 5.972 birds

    1. NPO Sezanne - 5.051 birds

    1. Chateaudun - 2.927 birds

    2. NPO Troyes - 7.485 birds

    4. NPO Pithiviers - 7.485 birds

    5. NPO Signy Signetz - 8.664 birds

    5. NPO Sens - 5.984 birds

    5. NPO Rethel - 3.050 birds

    5. NPO Troyes - 7.485 birds

    8. NPO Chateauroux - 3.534 birds

    10. NPO Pithiviers - 7.485 birds, etc., etc...

Championship titles with the noble bloodline of ‘De Vechtmachine’

Since 2011 over 85% of the pigeons at the lofts in Wilhelminaoord have the blood of ‘De Vechtmachine’ in their veins. In 2014 Gert-Jan decided to sell all his pigeons in a total auction. From the total auction only ‘De Vechtmachine’ was bought back, to return to his loft. Because of this basic breeder and the selection criteria Gert-Jan returned to the highest level in no-time. It was not seen before that a fancier returned to such a high level in such a limited time after a total auction. Although many pigeons were caught by birds of prey, the results were better each year. Especially the yearlings are performing better each year. Over the last 3 years each year the best performance pigeons moved to the breeding loft. However, this didn’t affect the performances of the racing team. The result: a strain of performance pigeons that can win races from 70 km. – 750 km.!

Championship titles 2019-2020:

1. Championship Overall SD. Nominated Afdeling 11 2020

1. Acebird Youngsters Middle Distance WHZB/TBOTB 2019

1. Acebird Youngsters Middle Distance Afdeling 11 2019 (NL19-559)

2. Acebird Short Distance Afdeling 11 2020 (NL18-677)

3. Championship Middle Distance Nominated Afdeling 11 2020

3. Championship Overall SD. Non-Nominated Afdeling 11 2020

6. Championship Overall LD. Non-Nominiated Afdeling 11 2020

8. Acebird Overall SD. Afdeling 11 2020 (NL18-677)

11. Championship Long Distance Non-Nominated Afdeling 11 2020

Main results 2019-2020:

1. NPO Chateaudun 2020 – 2.927 birds (631 km.)

1. NPO Troyes 2019 – 7.270 birds (528 km.)

2. NPO Troyes 2020 – 7.845 birds (528 km.)

2. Rethel 2019 – 8.630 birds (391 km.)

3. NPO Chateaudun 2019 – 2.381 birds (631 km.)

3. Chimay 2020 – 19.191 birds (337 km.)

3. Deurne 2019 – 10.246 birds (158 km.)

5. NPO Troyes 2020 – 7.845 birds (528 km.)

5. Chimay 2020 – 19.191 birds (337 km.)

5. Chimay 2020 – 16.773 birds (337 km.)

5. Heusden-Zolder 2019 – 16.314 birds (209 km.)

6. Blankenheim 2020 – 19.430 birds (270 km.)

6. Venlo 2020 – 17.871 birds (163 km.)

7. Rethel 2020 – 8.181 birds (391 km.)

8. NPO Troyes 2019 – 7.270 birds (528 km.)

10. Venlo 2020 – 17.871 birds (163 km.)

11. Bierges 2019 – 12.095 birds (259 km.)

12. Blankenheim 2020 – 19.430 birds (270 km.)

12. Kalkar – 11.161 birds (121 km.)

13. NPO Chateaudun 2020 – 2.927 birds (631 km.)

13. NPO Sens 2019 – 6.024 birds (559 km.), etc.

A special auction of European Pigeon Website in 2021

In this special auction European Pigeon Website offers a selection of result pigeons, including youngsters from the best breeders. In the auction also 3 direct children to the famous 'Vechtmachine'! This auction is planned for January 2021. Keep an eye on our website for more information!

A message from Gert-Jan Beute for buyers from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany:

"In case you are not satisfied with the pigeon(s) you bought from Beute-Hansen on European Pigeon Website, you can change the pigeon(s) until October 01. 2021. Free of charge! We don't see it very often, but we are convinced that when a purchased pigeon is not on its place at your loft or doesn't give you the breeding results you hoped for, you can come to us to change the pigeon. We hope that you have more luck with the replacement pigeon."

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